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The latest hot gadgets for your home

Stay at the cutting edge of technology with our latest round-up of the hottest home gadgets. We have scoured the globe to find robotic lamps and a portable 3D printer, to high-tech beds for a better night’s sleep. There is even a cool-air purifier to stay fresh in the Great British heatwave. Here are 10 inventions that have just launched or are coming soon.

Illuminating work lamp

Cerevo’s robotic Lumigent lamp doesn’t just light up your work, it interacts with you. It works with Alexa, your virtual assistant, to position the beam and automatically adjust the brightness to a preset level, determined by your voice. Its “smarteye” camera at the tip means you can share your work via Wi-Fi in real time, making collaboration simple and keeping a record of every step.

Price from £300.

For more information, visit

Sleep smart: high-tech bed

These high-tech mattresses have proprietary sensors embedded into them to monitor your sleep patterns. The dual-zone temperature control solves the problem of hot and cold partners, and personalised sleep tracking, meaning an alarm will pick the least-alarming time to gently wake you, within a preset limit. In the morning you can check your sleep report and find out how you can improve your sleep. Seamless smart home integrations allow you to link with your home’s central heating or cooling system, coffee machine and your lighting system.

Price from £530.

For more information, visit

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier is a slick piece of kit that will help alleviate your hay fever. With 10 speed settings, it circulates filtered and cool – or warm – air evenly around the room. The filter traps pollens, pollutants and bad smells, and it only needs to be changed once a year.

Price: £499.99.

For more information, visit

Record Runner: VW campervan

We love this idea. Simply place this VW campervan on your 33 1/3 rpm vinyl record and it will play it.  The van drives in the groove and plays your latest tunes. It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Here is a YouTube video for a sneak peek:

Price from £75.

For more information, visit

Surf safely: GoSilent

GoSilent is a military-grade encrypted mobile firewall WiFi hotspot and VPN device that encrypts internet traffic. If you have remote workers handling sensitive material, this could be the answer to your prayers. It’s made by Silent Circle, creator of the encrypted and security-conscious Blackphone. Cyber security is important to protect your home and privacy.

From £380.

For more information, visit

Levitation device: Mars CrazyBaby

This floating wireless speaker hovers above its sub-woofer base station like a spaceship. The Mars CrazyBaby gives out 360-degree surround sound. It will certainly amuse your friends. If you fancy being a Rocket Man, you should try this gadget.

Price from £269.

For more information, visit

Build your own: Robo C2, a portable 3D printer

Make your dreams come to life with the Robo C2, a portable 3D printer that all the family can use. Simply download the app and connect it to Wi-Fi to print directly from your phone. It has a built-in touchscreen and fast print speed.

From £699.99.

For more information, visit

The Chameleon of Speakers: BeoSound Shape

Perennially hip producer of speakers, Bang & Olufsen’s latest design is really off the wall. The wireless speaker system – BeoSound Shape – is a series of hexagonal panels customisable in both sound and design. They come in 10 fabric shades and you can arrange them as you like, to configure your own wall art. The starting price of £2,600 gets you a basic kit of six tiles. The maximum arrangement of 44 speakers and 11 amps will set you back somewhat more.

For more information, visit

Paw-fect puppy: meet the Aibo

Aibo is a cute, robot dog who can get to know you. This sweet puppy modifies its behaviour as it learns from you. Your Aibo will develop its own personality: everything it sees, and experiences is uploaded to the cloud, creating a database of memories that you can share. No hair, no cleaning up, and no barking – meet the perfect pooch.

Price from £600.

For more information, visit

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