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Painting of the Month – August 2018

In partnership with our neighbours the contemporary art gallery, Osborne Studio Gallery, we are offering a ‘painting of the month’ during 2018.

A Bigger Wave, oil on canvass, 120 x 120cm, Garry Pereira

Garry states: “Painting really matters to me, it always has.  For me, almost a ‘calling’, it is an area that seems to accept me, unlike most others.  

The process usually begins with a location that offers me a dialogue, like a historical dignitary almost requesting to be painted.  It has been, for a long time now, the crashing waves of my home county of Norfolk or my spiritual homes in bleak mountainous areas of Scotland, Wales or out of season Lake District.  It’s a feeling so intense, it can create ‘goose pimples’.

The planning, sketching and research of the subject is important.  I have never really wanted to make ‘versions of’ interpretations of photos or to make ‘capture the light’ type ‘pictures’.

Once the research, drawing and title are all in place, the painting process ‘happens’ – The hair on my arms will stand up!  It’s a spiritual process, and when it works, hours pass, stopping only to change volume control on a stereo – usually up!

I couldn’t imagine doing anything else and so my manifesto remains much the same, to continue being true to my art, making and presenting only paintings that have been asked to be made.”

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