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Meet the Neighbours – Tricia Guild

In our new series, we meet local celebrities across south west London. This week: Tricia Guild, creative director and founder of Designers Guild, on Kings Road.

Q How did you get started? 

It is strange to think, but at the time I started my shop [1970s] on the Kings Road, there was really no concept of ‘lifestyle’ as we know it today. I had an idea to present a lifestyle that could offer a sense of informality with a contemporary yet decorative look. I always think it is so much easier when people can see the evidence of how something works visually by touching and feeling the products. With this in mind, I began with just a few items that I put together, it was a small business with a small amount of money, but so rewarding when I found that it seemed to work for people and I realised that I had found my passion and drive. I then started researching textiles to use in my shop and for projects I was working on, but felt so frustrated at the lack of designs that I felt inspired by. This led me to designing the first collection, which was a set of Indian block prints, and I have continued from that point to where we are today.

 Q What do you like about the area?  

Chelsea in particular has always been a creative quarter and although it has grown up somewhat, it still has a slightly bohemian air, that I love.

 Q What hot new trends should we look out for this spring? 

Flowers and floral designs are given a modern interpretation with a play on scale and a vivid, clear colour palette. This gives a contemporary edge to what is often thought of as a traditional or classical design. Texture continues to be important from figured velvets, flat matt wool, smooth and soft linen. Each add their own unique finish to a cloth and sense of personality to a space. With wallpapers, we will continue to see textural and smaller scale designs, as well as a new direction in panel prints – large scale designs that create an instant work of art on your walls.

 Q Have you had any design disasters over the years? 

I tend to work in an organic way and with this approach thankfully I have avoided any serious problems.

Q If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you take with you? 

Some good books and maybe a few cushions would do the trick.

 Q What is your perfect home?

It would be my own home. For me, I think the key to making a house a home, is bringing in your own personality and spirit. From using the colours, patterns and designs you are drawn to, to choosing the photos, pieces of art and mementos from your journey along the way. A home should reflect the lives and loves of the people who live there.

Tricia Guild is the creative director and founder of Designers Guild (