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Meet the Neighbours: The Good Life Eatery

Stroll along Motcomb Street in Belgravia or Sloane Avenue in Chelsea and you cannot miss the Good Life Eatery. Fresh aromas from their latest superfood smoothies or compressed juices jump out at you. Founders Yasmine Larizadeh and Shirin Kouros reveal their secrets of success.

Q: Your latest Good Life Eatery is on Motcomb Street. What attracted you to Belgravia?

A: We love the neighbourhood feel. Belgravia is one of our favourite neighbourhoods, Motcomb Street in particular, so it was a natural step for us.

Q: How would Britain fare in a healthy-eating Olympics? Are we better or worse than other countries?

A: Healthy eating doesn’t necessarily mean gluten-free and dairy free. In our opinion, it is about eating fresh foods, mostly plants. In this sense, we think we are definitely far behind other developed countries, in particular Germany, Spain and France, who eat less processed foods than we do.

Q: What was the thinking behind your Wi-Fi ban? And has it brought the benefits you hoped for?

A: We wanted people to interact with each other or read a newspaper.  So often you walk into a restaurant and two people are sitting across from each other staring at their phones. By limiting Wi-Fi, we thought this would encourage less screen time and more talking.

Q: Any unhealthy eating habits you are prepared to admit to?

A: Two coffees first thing in the morning, but there’s no shame in that.

Q: What do you love about London? And how do you enjoy spending your leisure time?

A: If one takes the time to explore London, it has so much to offer. Everything from running in Hyde Park to going to the theatre.

Q: What was the philosophy behind your business when you started your business?

A: Delicious food simply prepared, which happens to be good for you.

Q: Describe you perfect meal?

A: A big green salad, a perfectly grilled steak and a piece of crunchy bread. Simple and delicious

Q: Do you think people eat more healthily than ten years ago? Or is progress in this field still slow?

A: People are definitely more aware of what they put in their body. My main concern is people obsessing over eating certain ingredients, which are considered trendy and losing sight of the beauty of food.