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Meet the Neighbours: Kate Percival, Grace Belgravia

Introducing our first, interview of 2016. Here Kate Percival, CEO and Co-founder of Grace Belgravia reveals top tips for a happy and healthy year ahead.

Q. What is the most important secret of a healthy, happy life?

A: I believe in the importance of a good night’s sleep and try to fit in seven hours a night. Another priority is establishing a balance between work and relaxation. Although this is hard to achieve, I try to practice what I preach. I have begun meditation and deep breathing, regular exercise, including Pilates and a weekly power walk in Hyde Park with my two daughters.

Many of us fill every second of our lives being busy – and it is not healthy. Meditation, mindfulness, yoga, exercise, music, art, culture, healthy eating – all of these things help people live longer and be happier with themselves, then ultimately their families and careers.

Q. Any top tips for those with New Year’s resolution to lose weight

A: We have created the perfect Wellbeing Programme for women to begin a new, healthier year. The teams in our clinic promote a balanced approach to optimal health, tailored to people’s individual needs.

It is shaped by the complex biological mechanisms which regulate weight, gut flora, toxins, sleep, food sensitivities, emotions, hormone levels (including thyroid, sex hormones and cortisol).

Q. What do you expect to be the top health trends in 2016?

A: There is a shift towards all-inclusive wellness studios competing with the ordinary gym. They offer healthy cuisine, holistic treatments and fitness in the one place. This focus on total health and wellbeing is also moving into the workplace with employers recognising that a work/life balance is better for the bottom line as well as the happiness of staff.

Look out for health juice pods in 2016. Think coffee pods, without the need and time for a juicer. Vitamin infusions will grow in popularity, too. They can boost your immune system and help regulate your sleep, mood and appetite.

Genetic testing will play a significant role in anti-ageing during 2016. Our medical clinic has created a range of anti-ageing programmes. These are achieved by means of genetic testing and evaluations, identifying health risks and providing personalised solutions to prevent ageing, or even overcome particular disease risk factors.

Bio identical hormone therapy is a breakthrough. It is natural therapy to treat hormone imbalances, including the relief of menopausal symptoms. Benefits include increased energy, better health, increased libido, improved sleep, decrease in depression, decrease in mood swings and irritability, decrease of body aches and improved memory retention.

Q. When did you get started and what was the thinking behind Grace Belgravia?

A: Women spend their lives multi-tasking, always putting family and work before their own health. They are very bad at making time to take stock, usually feeling guilty about having “me” time. Grace was created to put the best under one roof, including health and wellbeing through fitness, healthy eating, spa relaxation and mental stimulation through lectures and events.

Q. What is Grace Belgravia offering that would not be available in a more conventional spa/gym?

A: Our 360 degree approach to wellness means we have created a place to be safe, to be nurtured and empowered. We have created a haven with everything from medical services to spa treatments and the best in fitness.

Q. What do you like about Belgravia as a neighbourhood? Do you live in the area or do you commute into work?

A: I love the shops around Motcomb Street and Elizabeth Street, which is where I live. Contrary to popular belief, Belgravia is like a friendly village with many shopkeepers who know you. I love local restaurants including: Amaya, Zafferano and Mosimann’s, as well as Olivomare and Santini.

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