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Meet David Noalia: The Artist for the Henry & James Painting of the Month

David Noalia is a man of vision and style. He is also the Artist of our Painting of the Month, exhibiting at The Osborne Studio Gallery on Motcomb Street, Belgravia. He combines artistic inspiration with timeless beauty to create memorable canvasses that have the power to transform lives. Here David describes how he stays in a constant pulse with his painting, secrets of his work and his greatest influences from the brushstrokes of Velazquez to the freshness of Gerhard Richter.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself?
A: My paintings, my colours and strokes speak most about me, but I will try. I am a restless, receptive person, everything interests me, different cultures, history, the contemporary and the universe. I always think of the world, in general as a universal thought. Lover of beauty, of hidden beauty. The subtle, the magical, that excites us, even if it is a simple stone or a mountainous landscape or the look of a child, old man or woman. I’m very passionate about life.

Q: What has been your proudest moment?
A: Pictorially speaking, it was when I sold my first paintings to a dealer at the age of 17, he entrusted me with eight more pieces. At my early age and with hardly any experience in the art world, I discovered that I could make a living from painting. I felt proud, everyone around me told me that I could not live from art, it was like overcoming a psychological wall.

Q: If we gave you an unlimited budget, what famous artworks, would you buy?
A: The eyes of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

Q: Tell us a secret about your work of art?
A: My work: I know how it starts, but I never know how it will end. That keeps me in a constant pulse with the painting, and in the moment that moves me. That tells me something, once it acquires its own character, it is finished. It’s not a matter of time, but sensation.

Q: What work of art are you most proud of?
A: A portrait of my mother.

Q: Describe the house of your dreams?
A: It is difficult because I have no limits in my dreams. I could describe a paradise full of beauty, high ceilings of four meters, with gardens full of flowers, paintings and sculptures, with the noise of the background sources, with a lot of interior light. Yet for me, the real house of my dreams is one in which I am always surrounded by my loved ones, my wife and children.

Q: Describe your paintings in one word?
A: Emotion

Q: Where have you exhibited over the years?
A: Paris, Madrid, Seville, Marbella, Mallorca, etc.

Q: Have you won any awards over the years and which was the hardest to win?
A: I have learned a lot and won more prizes than I expected. They were all difficult and easy, it depended on the jury and the style. At certain levels, it is no longer a matter of quality, but of personal preferences of the judges.

Q: What do you like about London?
A: I have a global way of thinking: London represents a universal city, that is very cosmopolitan.

Q: How much do your paintings cost?
A: Maybe, I like the idea more of how much they could cost, but now they are affordable, between four and five figures, it depends on the size.

Q: Which of your paintings would you recommend as a long-term investment?
A: I would recommend a large format, a great piece. Since I began painting, my career has always been growing. Now I am entering maturity, I feel that I have placed a solid foundation, everything has flowed, and it is now when I begin to build my skyscraper, professionally speaking, it’s a good time to acquire my work.

Q: So, what would you like to paint next?
A: I always have many projects in mind, the horse for me is essential, it allows me to reach any person, culture, etc. It is a universal theme, but I am passionate about movement, elegance and power. I also want to start painting the woman, from her intimacy, from natural beauty they possess, mixing abstraction with its infinite forms, an adventure to be discovered.

Q: What have been your greatest influences?
A: The brushstroke of Velazquez, the light and colour of Sorolla and the freshness and bravery of Gerhard Richter among many others.

Q: Where is the most inspiring city for you?
A: Seville.

Q: Do you listen to music when you paint to inspire you?
A: It depends on the moment, I do not usually listen to music to paint. Although I like all kinds of music, including classical, pop and flamenco. Picasso once said: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

Q: And finally, any advice for anyone who wants to become an artist?
A: Never lose the passion, be authentic with yourself and do not be afraid to express what you feel. The opportunities come with the effort and daily work, and always keep your feet on the ground.

David Noalia is The Henry & James Artist of the Month. David is exhibiting at The Osborne Studio Gallery (2 Motcomb Street, London SW1X) until January 2019. For more details, visit To view painting of the month click here.

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