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How to achieve the best asking price post-Brexit

Autumn is rapidly approaching. Many home-owners have pencilled in September as the perfect time to put their properties on the market. Yet this year things are different. The Brexit vote is no longer dominating the front pages, but some EU referendum uncertainties are still with us. So how do you achieve the best price in the post Brexit market?

Here are our top ten tips to achieve the best price this summer/autumn:


  • Set a realistic asking price. This is not the time to over-value your property on the off chance of finding a buyer with deep pockets. These buyers will only purchase central London properties if they think they are getting them at a competitive price.


  • If your estate agent suggests a lower asking price than you would like, do not simply look for a different agent. Your agent will know what is realistic in the current climate. A good agent will set the right market value.


  • Keep an eye on what happens to interest rates and what steps the government takes to steady the economy. A lot of factors dictate the value of a property at the best of times, but there will be more factors in play this autumn. The Government and the Bank of England are already taking measures to ensure Britain’s future stability.


  • Flexibility is the key. Watch what happens to house prices over the next few weeks/months and be guided by that when valuing and, if necessary, revaluing your own property.


  • Ignore the asking prices of other properties in your area. Look at what prices the properties are actually fetching. It is much the best guide to the value of your own property.


  • If you had your property valued before the Brexit vote, you will need to re-assess its market value now.


  • Double-check that you have all the necessary legal documentation, such as energy performance certificates in place, if you want to effect a quick sale. This is not the time to dawdle.


  • If a pre-Christmas sale is your objective, you should do any necessary refurbishments to your property as soon as possible, to make the most of the autumn window of opportunity. Shrewd sellers and buyers will prepare themselves over the summer months, so they are in a position to move quickly when everyone returns from the summer holidays.


  • As always, if you want to sell your property quickly, you need to set a lower asking price. This will generate more interest, viewings and potential offers.


  • If you are selling your property this summer or autumn, it is more important than ever to be hard-headed and realistic when pricing your most prized asset.


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