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An interview with Gideon Remfry, Wellness Director, KX Life

Is one of your New Year's resolutions to get fit and healthy in 2019? To kick start your January we meet Gideon Remfrey, Wellness Director of KX Life in Chelsea.

Q: How did you get started in the world of health and fitness?

A: I started Judo at an early age, an inspired introduction to fitness thanks to my first Judo coach, Raymond Coulthurst. At 20 I found myself a bit lost, unhealthy and looking for a future. I plunged into a personal training course which was the catalyst to both my return to health and subsequently a lifetime passion and career, recently culminating in an MSc in integrated health.


Q: Tell us a little about KX Life?

A: KX Life is a private members wellness club situated in the heart of Chelsea. Established in 2002 KX has state of the art exercise facilities, a wellbeing restaurant and spa. What sets KX apart is our collaborative experts who deliver evidence based, holistic exercise, physical therapies, beauty and food in a simple, effective and authentic way.


Q: Any surprising tips to get fit fast in 2019?

A: Finding your exercise tribe is one of the more crucial factors to attain faster and longer-term results! Evidence shows that people stick with regular exercise if they feel competent at the exercise, gain results, learn new skills, receive praise, feel motivated, have fun and feel part of a community. Whether its Yoga, spinning, running, weightlifting; the key is to find your tribe to support attaining fitness in 2019 and beyond!


Q: What are the best songs to work out for longer?

A: Music is an excellent exercise motivator. Studies have looked at various music types and its impact. For example classical music has been shown to create greater concentration and connection to exercise. From experience our KXU U-cycle teachers use dance tracks for their group cycle sessions. If you pick the right tune that touches the feel-good nerve, you will be motivated to exercise longer.


Q: What’s on your gym playlist?

A: I have playlists for each type of workout, my top tune for Yoga is “if you wait” by London Grammar & for strength training it has to be “Ante Up by M.O.P.


Q: If you could train one famous person, who would it be?

A:  It is very hard to choose one, but as a curve ball it would be Sadhguru. To be able to hear some of his pearls of wisdom during the session would be priceless.


Q: How many times a week and for how long should people workout?

A: NEAT activity is all of your “non planned activity (think walking, housework, etc) and it can account for as much as an extra 2000 calories a day of energy expenditure, so its worth trying to achieve your 10,000 steps. For all planned exercise we recommend a minimum of three sessions per week, they don’t have to be hard, just be consistent and enjoy it.


Q: Is there one exercise that you would recommend more than any other?

A: Breathing. It sounds crazy, but most people do not know how to diaphragmatically breathe and when you teach them how to, they exercise better, reduce stress and sleep more soundly. A win win for long term wellness and fat loss!


Q: How important is a workout buddy or coach to get in shape?

A: Your workout tribe, group exercise crew or buddy can be a key factor in helping you sustain long term exercise. There is also the bonus that workout partners provide extra motivation.


Q: What foods are best to maximise fitness before and after a workout?

A: There are plenty of myths around sports nutrition. The first thing to consider when looking to fuel your workout effectively is; what is your goal and which type of exercise are you doing? As a good rule, a diet with plenty of whole foods, plant foods and regular lean proteins should suffice. A portion of protein & a variety of plant foods can be consumed at each meal (3 meals per day) which will provide you with the building blocks to optimise performance and recovery. If you are looking to boost your workout potential, caffeine and beetroot juice both have evidence to support increased workout performance.


 Q: If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you take with you?

A: My family, my yoga mat and a fishing rod.


Q: And finally, what is the best way to motivate yourself to keep going to the gym throughout 2019?

A: It is very easy to become a new year’s resolution statistic. To avoid falling off the exercise wagon, find something that moves you – literally and metaphysically. The simple fact remains, if you love it, you will keep doing it.



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