Exclude let / under offer properties
Exclude sold / under offer properties

Fees Apply

Fee & Charges – Landlords

  • Let Only – 12% (inc. VAT)
  • Rent Collect – 13.2% (inc. VAT)
  • Fully Managed – 19.2% (inc. VAT)
  • Short Let (Tenancies of 6 months or less) – 24% (inc. VAT)

New tenancies

Preparation of an Inventory, Schedule of Condition and check-in: cost will depend on the size, style and contents of the property.

Preparation of a new Tenancy Agreement (for a fixed term of 12 months or less): £240 (inc. VAT).

Checking and making any alterations requested by your solicitor to our standard Tenancy Agreement: £60 per hour or part of an hour (inc. VAT).

Providing duplicate statements to Landlord or their accountant: £12 (inc. VAT) per statement or £120 (inc. VAT) for all the statements covering a tax year.

Non-UK Resident Landlord administration fee: £360 (inc. VAT) per quarter for tax retention and completion of the documentation required by the Centre for Non Residents

Renewal of a tenancy

Preparation of a Memorandum of Agreement for the extension of a tenancy including a rent review: £120 (inc. VAT).

Property management

Administration fee for the service of notices to terminate a Tenancy when Henry & James does not manage the Premises: £120 (inc. VAT).

Property Management Consultancy: £150 per hour (inc. VAT) plus travel and other reasonable expenses and costs -

  • This includes managing when instructed to let only or during void periods, additional visits to a Premises if we are managing, serving a notice under Section 13 of the Housing Act 1988, waiting time at a property, having extra sets of keys cut and arranging installation of smoke alarms or carbon monoxide alarms or obtaining consent from a lender or a Superior Landlord

Administration fee for instructing contractors (including arranging an Energy Performance Certificate) during a void period or if Henry & James does not manage the Premises: £60 (inc. VAT) payable in advance together with the cost of the contractor -

  • This service is only offered provided we have instructions from the Landlord and hold sufficient cleared funds to cover the cost of the work plus our fees

Supervising works: 10% plus VAT of the total cost of any work in excess of £500 but subject to a minimum fee of £60 (inc. VAT) is charged for supervising the work.

Supervising the partial or total refurbishment of the Premises:10% of the total cost of the work but subject to a minimum fee of £1,200 (inc. VAT).


Preparation of documentation for County Court proceedings or TDS adjudication: £150 (inc. VAT) plus reasonable costs and expenses.
Attendance at court or any tribunal on Landlords behalf: £240 (inc. VAT) per member of staff per hour plus our reasonable costs and expenses

Fees & Charges - Tenants

Only applicable once an offer has been accepted (subject to contract):


  • We recruit an external referencing company to carry out all background checks on our behalf. By doing this we can reference applicants from both the UK and overseas and UK-based companies.
  • Referencing cost is £60 per tenant (inc VAT)

Tenancy fee

  • £240 (inc VAT) is payable by the tenant for creating and administering the tenancy.

Inventory costs

  • The cost will depend on the size of the property and level of furnishings
  • A professional, independent inventory clerk will usually be appointed to create and check the inventory at the commencement and termination of the Tenancy
  • The Landlord will pay for the cost of the check-in and tenant will pay the cost of the check-out

Rent and deposit payments

  • The initial rent and deposit along with the associated costs are payable before the tenancy commences
  • Standard security deposit is 6 weeks rent
  • If there is a pet permitted the standard security deposit is 8 weeks rent

Registration of deposit

  • £24 per tenant (inc VAT)


  • £120 (inc VAT) for the negotiating of new terms and drawing up of relevant documentation

For properties acquired by Henry & James from another agent

  • If we find you a suitable rental property via another agent, the other agent is likely to handle the paperwork and referencing. Please be aware that their costs and terms may vary from those quoted here.

Should you have any questions please do ask a member of staff.